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I’m Hazel, a children's author who loves to write in rhyme, a good dollop of toilet humour, daft wordplay, stuff that makes me belly laugh or anything seriously spooky. I mostly write picture books but also dabble in early middle grade fiction.


I live with my family, including a demanding white cat, a cuddly tuxedo kitten and two small tortoises. 


Here are some other things I like:

  • The Back to the Future trilogy

  • Rock music

  • Laughing 

  • Dragons

  • Lego

  • Crows

  • Changing my hair a lot

  • Conkers

  • Halloween and Christmas

You can read about my upcoming book series Penguin and Pup (illustrated by Nikki Dyson) online here:

The Bookseller

Book Brunch

Macmillan Children's Books

Blog Preston

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